Drive any CMM Hardware
with any CMM Software

EasyCmm is a disruptive communication software that allows any CMM client software to connect and drive all leading CMM brands – giving you the freedom to choose to work with your preferred CMM hardware and software.


EasyCmm gives CMM end users freedom, flexibility and cost effectiveness

Save Resources and
App Engineering Expenses

Use a single metrology software for your different CMM brands.
Eliminate the need for employing
different CMM developers with
different CMM client expertise.

Refrain from Retrofit. Keep Your
Old Programs Available

Move to a new CMM software while keeping the CMM existing controller
(no need for expensive retrofit)

+keep running your old part programs with the old CMM software.

Free Yourself from
“OEM Captivity”

Need to buy a new CMM or software? With EasyCmm you don’t have to buy the brands you already have. You can choose the best product that suits you, both technically and economically.